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A vehicle is a significant and life-giving investment, so when we buy a car in today’s market, we expect that it’ll be reliable and safe to use for many years. However, what happens when you purchase a vehicle that doesn’t meet those requirements? That’s where the Pennsylvania Lemon Law comes into play.

Suppose you’re a resident of Pennsylvania (or any other state, as all fifty states have their lemon laws). In that case, it’s essential to understand how both the lemon law and federal warranty laws apply to you. If you’re a Pennsylvania resident, then our Pittsburgh lemon law attorneys can help you do just that, as well as help you determine your case eligibility for your auto issue.

What Is the PA Lemon Law?

In essence, the PA Lemon Law (and all lemon laws) outline legal steps that consumers can take if a car dealership or manufacturer sells or leases a vehicle that breaches its warranty. The law also explains the consequences applicable to the dealership that initially sold the vehicle.

While national lemon laws can vary slightly from state to state, Pennsylvania’s Lemon Law is relatively straightforward. It covers purchased or leased Pennsylvania vehicles, as well as first-time registrations from out-of-state cars. PA Lemon Law protects cars, trucks, and other passenger vehicles that can carry up to fifteen people.

However, keep in mind that for a vehicle to qualify, the legal owner and purchaser of the vehicle must report the warranty-breaking issue within one year or 12,000 miles. In many cases, they must also give the dealer three attempts to fix the problem before bringing it to court. Additionally, said purchaser must hold ownership of the defective vehicle for the entire process.

PA Lemon Law states that any issues covered under the original manufacturer’s warranty that impair a vehicle’s value, safety, or ability to function can create a “lemon” vehicle. If a car is determined to be a lemon, the manufacturer or dealer must legally fix the problem via repair, replacement, or a full refund.

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PA Vehicle Coverage Breakdown

The PA Lemon Law can be challenging to navigate, especially if your car manufacturer decides to argue against you, and you must forcefully fight for your Lemon Law case. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to seek the help of a qualified law firm or lemon law lawyer before taking any steps on your own. Still, we’ll also go over some specific qualifications and limitations of Pennsylvania Lemon Law that may help you find a better idea of your eligibility. 

There are a few main points that PA’s lemon law expressly covers, some of which are listed above. They are:


While the above points help narrow the eligibility window down significantly, the PA Lemon Law does not explicitly outline any particular issues, meaning that if your case goes to court, the final decision is in the hands of a judge or jury. Let our proficient and professional Pittsburgh Lemon Law attorneys help you present your case.

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At J.P. Ward & Associates, we dedicate our time to auto law, so you can trust that we can help. Even if your vehicle doesn’t qualify under Pennsylvania Lemon Law, our Pittsburgh Lemon Law attorneys may be able to help you pursue other courses of action. Contact our office at (412) 426-4878 today to schedule a consultation and explore your options. 

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